Portimão, May 1, 2017, Day 20

Today is Daughter’s last full day here. This is bittersweet for a couple of reasons. One, it has been a blast having here her. I am so happy that the weather cooperated, so we could do some outdoor things. But her leaving also signals the fact that our time too, is drawing to an end. We still have a week to go…so I am going to enjoy that fact with no regrets!When I got up, she was already up. She said she was cramping. Agh! I am so glad that this days are long gone! I gave her some Tylenol, then asked her if she wanted to use my heating pad that I brought in case my hips hurt. She did. But then I remember about the current difference. When I told Daughter, she said that when she bought her converter, the salesperson made it seem like everything would be able to use it.

I wasn’t sure, so I googled it. That was confusing. But it seemed like if the wattage and volts fell in a certain range, the converter would work. OK. 

She plugged the converter into the wall and then added the plug for the heating pad. Then POP! It blew up the controller! Wow!

Of course, now it smells like burnt electricity. And now the outlet doesn’t work. But I knew where the fuse box was. I saw that one was tripped. I flipped it back and the outlet worked again. So, I read some more about the current difference. Now I am sooo confused. I guess if you want to use something electric, you need to buy it here!

My heating pad is now in the trash can.

Today, we were able to have a breakfast, like Hubby is used to having at home. We had turkey bacon, scrambled eggs/egg white, waffles with syrup and hash brown potatoes. He said that all he was missing was grits. I told him that Jumbo’s may have it. We’d have to look. We are needing to shop soon, we are missing a lot of stuff. I am sure we’ll bite the 14€ cab fare and go back there. 

The waffles are sweeter, maybe because they are mostly used in desserts here. But they were still pretty good. And the turkey bacon was really wide, so Hubby sliced it down the middle to make two slices out of one. And it was thicker and really chewy. We had talked about going to the beach because this was supposed to be a really nice day. Now when I checked the weather on my app, it was saying 68°. But when Hubby checked, he said it was 52°! Now that’s a big difference and he said that when he looked outside, he saw people in coats. But by now, Daughter and I have our suits on. So he puts his on, along with his jacket and we head out to the beach.

And OMG!! It is chilly. I didn’t wear a jacket and neither did Daughter. She and I both had on sleeveless tops. But I am being super optimist, it has to be warmer when we get to the beach. Well, we get there and it is WINDY!!! And of course, we say, if the wind was not blowing, it would be OK. But …it was blowing. But I found out, that when I laid down, it wasn’t as windy. LOL!! Then Hubby said he was laying behind me, so I could block the wind off him!!! Shame on him.

Daughter wanted some pictures taken of her, so she and Jackie went off. He played the photographer. 

We stayed on the beach a couple hours. We were to meet Steve and Kris at 6:30. But they hadn’t confirmed and Hubby couldn’t check his emails while we were out. So when we got back it was 6:10. He checked his email and found that they said they would meet us in the lobby at 6:30! And could we pick the place!!! 

So everyone had no more than 10 minutes in the bathroom. No time for a shower, just a quick swipe and change clothes!!!! Whew!!! But we did it! And we decided that Taffy’s would be a good place to go.

When we got downstairs, they were there waiting for us. We made introductions then started off to the restaurant. I had on long flowy pants with a short sleeve tee shirt. I had a sweater with me and I’m glad I did, because it did get cool before we returned. Hubby had on shorts and he said his knees were cold.

We had a really good dinner and conversation. I had salmon. Hubby had a dish called Hunter’s Chicken. Chicken breast with bacon (minus that), cheese and tomato or marinara sauce. I tasted it. It was very good. Daughter had Curry Chicken, very good too. Then we had warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream for dessert. Yum! Yum!

We got one of the waiters to take a picture of us. Then we went to Steve and Kris’s to look at some of their pictures from Thailand. In fact a couple that they met there, is flying in tonight to stay here a month. We will get to meet them before we leave.

We visited about an hour or so, then came home so Daughter could start packing….

The taxi picks her up at 7:50am….

I’ll be sad to see her leave, but at least she was able to make it here…even though she did invite herself! LOL!! 


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6 Responses to Portimão, May 1, 2017, Day 20

  1. honeybrown13 says:

    Those waffles were amazing I should have brought some home!!!

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  2. honeybrown13 says:

    That cake was delish too!!! like somebodies mama made it!!! Haha… I kinda did just invite myself didnt I…

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Source: Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. http://www.mvgaubitsch.at/guest.php


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