Portimão, May 2, Day 21

BooHoo!😩 Daughter is gone! 

She left this morning. The YellowFish Transfer came to pick her up. And they were early. Jackie looked out the window about 7:45, and saw the taxi already at the front door. He was due to arrive at 7:50. Ok, I know, five minutes. But in Detroit, the taxis are always late! You always have to wait for them. But here, the service is very prompt. Now there is a flurry of activity for her to leave. She was already finished with everything.

The driver who picked her up, was the same guy who dropped us off. He was really nice. He even had a held device that weighed her luggage, even though she knew that she was under the limit (since she had not bought anything). But it was a clever gadget (who’d a thought?). 

I’m busy taking pictures of her, once she gets inside of the vehicle, but she never looks up. She is just digging in her purse. The taxi starts to pull away, but he stops. Then he backs up and returns to the front of the building. Daughter jumps out and says that she doesn’t have her purse! I’m thinking it’s the BIG blue that she’s been carrying around. How could you forget that? Then what were you doing in while in the taxi?

As we rode up the elevator, I said that was really nice of the driver to wait like that. She said he was the one asking her did she have this and that, did she have her passport? So that’s when she started looking for her purse (a shoulder bag), which had her passport. Then she couldn’t find the purse. Now she hopes that she just didn’t overlook it in all of the excitement. 

But, there it is on a chair, partially under the dining table. I didn’t see it when I got up, and I don’t think that she ever used it while she was with us. But all is well. 

Hugs and kisses again and she’s off!

While Hubby and I return to the apartment, I say that I keep my passport with me all the time. I think that I read that somewhere. I also have two paper copies of it. Ronnie has a copy of my passport and my driver’s license…AND…I have a copy of my passport on my phone! LOL!! I think that I’m covered!

After all of that, Hubby goes back to bed and goes to sleep. I’m up. Then I remembered with all of the excitement, we did not have prayer. So I said a prayer for her and then sent her a text to let her know that I did. Last night I wrote my blogs, so I’m good with that. All up to date. I read my devotions and skim the New York Times. I ate breakfast: a bowl of cereal, toast, and a cup of coffee. 

Hubby is still asleep. I sit on the couch to read some more of The Times. Hubby gets up and we decide to go walking today. We need a few things from the store and we need to withdraw more Euros. But he is sitting at his laptop, now I get sleepy and doze for a while. 

When he starts fixing his breakfast, I get up to get dressed. The weather looks perfect! Sorry Daughter! It’s always like that when you end your vacation. That is when you have the bluest skies, the brightest sun, the balmiest weather.

We start off walking down The Strip. When we stopped to look at some real estate postings on a building, one of the realtors came out to talk with us. She gave us some very useful information, a real estate magazine and her contact info. Then we veered left to go to the marina a different way. 

It was a beautiful day. We took some pictures.

This is a picture of the plaque on the fort. But now we are hungry. My cereal has vanished. We saw a restaurant with very unique hamburgers, but it hadn’t opened. Now we are starved. We see a Pizza Hut, yeahhh…. but they are closed too! What’s up? It is after four o’clock…OK, I could eat a Burger Ranch now. Hubby says, noooo. When he had his in Lagos, he said it was really bad. 

Now to get back to the street level, we have to walk up the stairs to the fort and those are really hard stairs to walk. I need to get a picture of them the next time that we re in this area. 

We decide to stop at Pizzeria La Dolce Vita. We ordered a vegetarian pizza, but then added chicken to it. I had water, Hubby had a coke. The pizza was amazing. I am still getting used to corn on my pizza. We don’t have that in the States…but it is very good. Then after we ate, we decided that we wanted some ice cream. So after a couple tastes, I chose cup of Creme Algarve and Jackie got a cone of Snickers ice cream. Both were yummy.

We go to the store to pick up a few things. But they don’t have the orange or bread that we like. We’ll just go to another store later. 

When we are back to the apartment, the clothes that I washed earlier are dry. I stay on the balcony to fold them when I hear someone calling my name. It is Steve. He is walking in the parking lot, with a lady. She must be his friend from Thailand. He waves and says that we’ll get together later.

Hubby is at this laptop. I am trying to figure out how to get to Alvor by bus. Their schedules are sooo confusing! Time flies by. It’s 7:40 and we think the store closes at eight. It’s just a short walk there. We get the juice and bread and a couple potatoes. 

Hubby doesn’t want his chicken from yesterday, he said that he would just eat popcorn. So I ate it. Then I got sleepy and took a nap on the couch. 

When I awoke, Jackie said Alfred Hitchcock was on. He had a small bowl with popcorn in it. After that was all gone, I asked where was the rest of it. He said that he ate it while I was asleep. Wow! That didn’t even wake me up! Also, he and Daughter had been texting. I slept through that and he called to check on things at home. He talked with Granddaughter for a minute and I slept through that too!!!

But now, it’s almost one a.m. I hope that I’m able to fall asleep!


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2 Responses to Portimão, May 2, Day 21

  1. honeybrown13 says:

    oh, we had the same driver. Yes, he was very informative. I sent you an email with his family restaurant, that serves traditional Portuguese food. I’m going to start hanging my clothes outside. Of course the weather would be beautiful now that I am gone, no fair!!!

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