Portimão, May 7, 2017, Day 26

Sunday Morning!I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord.

We get up today to go to church at ICF, International Christian Fellowship. When we go downstairs, Maria calls a taxi for us. I ask her, showing her my phone, can I take a picture of her. Eventually she understood and the three of us took a selfie. She was so happy. She gave me a hug and called me, ‘friend.’

Because now we know where are going, we are able to tell the taxi driver which building to let us out. 

When we get to the door of the church, we are greeted and I am a handed a bouquet of flowers. Today is Mothers Day in Portuguese. How sweet. Now I get to celebrate three times! Daughter gave me a card and gift before she left. Now flowers today. And then the official Mothers Day when I get back to the States. 

Today is first Sunday. Communion was served. There was communal bread with the wine. My persnicketiness was cringing inwardly. Thank goodness it was a small congregation and about less than 10 people before it got to me. Any more than that and I probably would have refused it. And if it was a communal chalice, definitely NO!

The same lady preached. Her sermon was “The Disciples Journey of Unbelief.” Her scriptures were from Luke 24:36-46 and John 20:24-31.

Afterwards, we helped put the chairs away. We talked to a few people. They had extra flowers left over and asked people to take them. I got a bouquet to give to Maria. Then we left to walk home. 

Initially, we could not get the GPS to work. So we stood on the street for a while trying to figure out which way to go. We knew the how the taxi dropped us off, so we started off walking in that direction. Then Hubby got the GPS working. Once we got into the route, then I remembered how I walked it a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for the church. He turned it off and I led us back. 

When I gave Maria the flowers she was so surprised. She kissed me and said something like ‘me dias.’ But when I looked it up, she probably said, dia das Mães, which means, loosely translated Happy Mothers Day. Literally, it means Day of Mothers.

We changed clothes, then Hubby said that he would cook breakfast for us. How nice! While he did that, I folded and put away the clothes that I washed yesterday. We enjoyed a good breakfast of waffles, hash brown potatoes and turkey bacon. Hubby also had oatmeal. 

I was sitting out on the balcony, when I saw a lady from ICF being dropped off at our apartment. I recognized her because we spoke for a moment and also because she was carrying flowers. What a coincidence!

It’s another beautiful, sunny day in paradise. We put on our swimsuits and go to the beach. OMG!! It’s getting crowded. After we leave, the temperatures are going to jump up by ten degrees!! I’m sure the tourist season here is crazy!

But, this may be the last time on the beach. We wade a little in the water, but it is still ice cold. We stay about 90 minutes. We are really crispy now. And we did use the sunscreen that Daughter left.

On the way back to the apartment we stop to get ice cream for dessert. Then we change clothes and wash the sand off of our feet. Hubbys on his laptop and I’m on my iPad for an hour or so. Then we warm up our leftover Chinese food for dinner. Afterwards we have our dessert. 

I am focused on catching up on my blog, I’m two days behind in posting. Tomorrow is our last full day😱. Hubby decided that we would treat the other two couples to breakfast. We will meet at 11:30. Then he and I need to go shopping for souvenirs and pack (I don’t feel like even starting on that tonight). 

We need to be ready for our airport transfer at 7:50…our flight will leave at 10:50am and we’ll be back in Detroit by 10:20pm with the time changes…this is making me feel sad just thinking about it. So I won’t be. I still have one full day left!

I will enjoy it!


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