Portimão, May 8, 2017, Day 27, Our Last Full Day

Today is our last full day in Portimão, Portugal!OMG!! It is a beautifully, gorgeous day here in paradise!

It is already in the mid-60’s at 9am!

This is my kind of weather!

We are treating the two Steves and their wives to breakfast. We are meeting them at 11:30am. I pulled out our suitcases so I can start packing when we get back…so is sooo sad…

Hubby goes goes to the main office to find out what our last day check out process is here at the apartment. He was told that there needs to be a walk-through and that would happen today about three o’clock. Then we get an email from Steve F., asking if we wanted to meet later tonight to play some games. When we see them, we will decline. I want it to just be us tonight. Hubby agreed.  

We met in the lobby at 11:30, and went to Caffé Rocha. Hubby spoke with the owner yesterday when we stopped there to get our ice cream and told him that we were bringing a party of six for breakfast. They were ready for us. They set up a table under an awning and immediately proceeded to take our orders. Hubby, of course, wanted pancakes, and I agreed to let him have some of my omelette. I also ordered a sausage thinking it was going to be the same kind that I had before. The waiter said it was like a hot dog, but if that is what you wanted, that is what he will bring me. I should have heeded that warning. And when he brought my breakfast, it was a hot dog. But because our group was so large and there had been some changes to orders, I kept it. I only ate half of it. 

We had a nice meal. There were plenty of hugs and kisses and goodbyes and let’s stay in touch. Then we all split up to go our separate ways. 

Hubby and I did our souvenir shopping. When we came back to the apartment and I started packing. I was basically able to finish what I could before the property managers came to assess our room. And they were an hour late. No one rushes here. Everyone is on Portuguese Time. The only thing that they said, was to make sure the dishes are clean and the garage is emptied. 

While we were at breakfast, I mentioned that we had some items left over. Steve F. said right away that they would take them. Good! I’d hate to just waste those things. I’m told him that I would leave them in a bag outside of their door before we left.

Hubby wanted to take a walk before dinner. I suggested that we go to the lookout area. We walked over there and just took in the beauty of it all….one last time. I took a couple of pictures and then we were ready for dinner.

He wanted to have a hamburger at Café Del Mar. We sat a table outside and when the waiter brought the menu, we gave him our order without looking at it. We both ordered well-done burgers. They come with fries, chips, and a very tiny salad. I ordered water and Hubby got a coke. The burgers were delicious! (After we return home and I get settled, I will catch up on all of my TripAdvisor reviews.)

After we ate, we sat there for a while for two reasons. One, Hubby was using their free Wi-Fi to do his updates. And two, after the waiter removed our dirty dishes, he never came back. I have surmised that they feel must think it rude to bring your bill without you asking for it. Maybe, its as if they were rushing you away. Maybe that works right now, because it’s not the tourist season and there are always plenty open tables…I would love to know what happens in July.

Now, I’m timing this guy. It was 6:11 when he took our dishes. At 6:49, Hubby was finished with his updates, so he goes inside the restaurant to pay the bill. Again, he has to ask them to take our money!!!

We walk slowly back to the apartment, savoring the moment. 

(Us being silly in the mirrored-ceiling elevator!) This trip has been such a blessing. The two Steves are living the kind of life that we want to live. Traveling the world, seeing and experiencing different people and cultures. But then, Hubby and I are doing things and going places that no one in either of our families has done. And I’m sure, the two Steves probably know someone who is living the life that they want…does this make sense? I had a point that I’m trying to make…I think I’ll just let it go.

Hubby is on his laptop.I’m almost finished with this blog. But because the Wi-Fi is soooooo sloooooowwwww…. it may take me another 30-40 minutes to add all the pictures and post it. But once that’s done, all I have to do is make sure that my phone and iPad are charged, then I am finished for the night. I will eat the rest of my ice cream, while I watch some Portuguese TV. 




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